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Subversion “obliterate”

Apparently, Subversion is adding support [1] for an “obliterate” command [2] that can delete a file completely, including from the revision history.

I once had to do this because I accidentally added a license file that needed to be kept private into the repository. I had quickly deleted the license file, but it was still available in the revision history.

Since Subversion does not provide a command to completely remove a file from the repository (such as Perforce with “p4 obliterate”), I had to do a dump of the Subversion repository (using rsync and svnadmin dump [3]), then filter out the file [4] (svndumpfilter [5]), and then import the repository into SourceForge again using the migration function (I don’t know how this works on other repositories outside of SourceForge, and SourceForge has changed a lot too during the last two years).

I just wanted to give people some starting points by mentioning svnadmin dump [3] and svndumpfilter [5].

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