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Eclipse Bug in Error Reporting

I’m working on integrating the Eclipse Java Compiler [1] into DrJava (see feature request [2]), but error reporting doesn’t work correctly yet.

After some confusion during debugging, I found out that this is because of an Eclipse bug (Eclipse bug report 290470 [3]):

In revision 1.45 of DefaultProblemFactory.java [4], the createProblem method was overloaded to include an elaborationId. But until revision 1.11 of EclipseCompilerImpl.java [5], the new method wasn’t overridden.

The bugfix isn’t in the in the 3.5.2 release [6] yet, but it is in the 3.6M6 milestone [7]. I guess I will use that for now and then update to release 3.6 when it’s available.

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