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I’m a little bit angry right now. I ordered the computer on Monday, called on Tuesday for an assembly estimate. The computer was supposed to be done on Wednesday. Wednesday morning I got a call that some parts were not in yet and it would not be done until Thursday. No problem.

Thursday morning I called to confirm that the computer was done. I was told it would be done after 3pm. I couldn’t find anyone to drive me out there on Thursday, so I was going to pick it up Friday at noon. The computer was done, right, so what did it matter?

Today I called again and talked to a guy, Nash. He said their server was down right now, but he would call me back. He did and confirmed that the PC was ready to be picked up. I got there at 1:15pm, they wasted about 30 minutes of my time, then — and only after inquiring again — Zac, the salesperson I talked to, said the computer had not been assembled yet and won’t be until tomorrow. He even gave me this “You talked to customer service. I don’t work in that department” line.

Listen, folks at Direction [1]: If someone in your company tells me my order is ready, it better be ready. I don’t care who I talked to. If someone in your company fucks up, you have fucked up too, and I will hold you responsible for it.

If I experience any problems tomorrow, I will rip your heads off.

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