Perforce Triggers and Windows

I’ve spent a few hours trying to learn about Perforce triggers. These triggers allow the server to automatically run scripts when users perform certain actions, like submitting files. What I wanted to do is automatically upload the RiceMBS to its website and have the javadocs be rebuilt. This is exactly what these triggers are made for. I have the bash script written that deletes the old files, synchronizes with Perforce, and then generates new javadocs. However…

I just can’t get damn Windows to automatically log into my SSH account.

Really. Damn Windows. When I run the commands by hand from the command line, everything works beautifully, but when I let the service run it in the background, I don’t even get an error message.

I need to get away from Windows… Then again, I’m only using Perforce as a one-user repository so my data is backed up and can be rolled back.


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