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Last Friday we upgraded the equipment in our research group’s lab: We added a second 20″ TFT to each machine, which involved adding a second graphics card, and doubled the RAM from 512 MB to 1 GB. Initially everyone was excited to tear open boxes and take stuff out, but when the real work began and we had to open cases, attach cables, most people quickly disappeared, and Eric Cheng and I were left with monitors, modules, cables, boxes, and styrofoam everywhere. Eric managed to rewrite the Linux display configuration file, something I couldn’t have done, but in the end, it was just I who cleaned up. I need to figure out when it’s time to leave.

We couldn’t work on one of the computers because we didn’t have the right keys, and were confused by the memory in another machine, so on Monday I tried to finish the job. Five of the six machines are now upgraded. I still didn’t get into the sixth. We also have to open all of them up again because we got the wrong graphics cards, and replacement cards should be here some time this week.

While I waited for our IT guy to come back from a meeting so I could get the keys, I started working on the last “minor” feature that I had in mind to introduce: A quick way to open up Java API javadocs for a class. I used the predictive input dialog again and added all links on the allclasses-frame.html document. By default, this action is bound to Shift-F6. With Ctrl-F6, DrJava takes the word under the cursor and tries to use it as Java API class name. If there’s a unique match, the Javadoc webpage is opened immediately; otherwise a window with candidates is displayed.

Today I renamed a few actions to make their intentions clearer and provided tooltips for some of the actions that I had forgotten to add.


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