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@PredicateLink Implemented

It looks like I just finished implementing the @PredicateLink-type annotations. Values from annotations are extracted, put on the stack, and then the right predicate method is called. It returns true or false, and that value is passed to a method in the Thread Checker. If the return value was false, then a violation is logged.

I don’t have time right now to test it more because I have a 10 AM appointment and I’ve worked all through the night, but I believe I have implemented this for all possible data types allowed in @PredicateLink-type annotations, i.e. all types except for annotations and arrays of annotations.

I haven’t started with the @Combine-type annotations yet. I still have to think about where I will put the auto-generated predicate methods, or if I’m going to do the entire thing differently. I’m still pleased with my progress.

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