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A Logo for Concutest

I’m getting to the point where my tools are stable and interesting enough to make them available, so soon I’ll have to create a website that is more suitable as a product website than my current research website [1]. I’m planning to make the website look similar to the DrJava website [2], though I still have to decide where to run it. It will probably be on the CS server, but I’ll have to find a good way to point the concutest.org [3] domain name there. I don’t like the redirection that I’m using right now; it was just what my private hoster 1&1 provided.

With a website goes a logo, so today I asked around what symbol people associated with “concurrency” or “multithreading”. Someone suggested using a “§”; he was looking for a symbol that “doubled up in some way”. Justin suggested depicting the dining philosophers: A circle with five dots on the outside, arrows going from one dot to the next, and a lambda inside.

The dots and arrows made me come up with an idea myself: Make the lambda part of a graph representing the possible scheduling choices. I’m not sure if that’s actually discernable in the logo I created, but that doesn’t matter. I think I like it enough to use it, at least for now. I also tried to make it similar to the DrScheme [4] logo, which was probably the grandfather of PLT logos.

So, without further ado, the Concutest logo:

Concutest Logo

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