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Official Concutest Website

As we all know, a logo or title screen is the most important part of any project. Since I have one now, I could create an official website, which as we all know is the second most part of any project ;-)

The new official website is available at www.concutest.org [1].

I imitated the look of the DrJava website [2] and copied the current content nearly without modification from my research website [3] about the project. The URL rewriting still isn’t ideal: I’m still using the frame solution that 1&1 provides; I couldn’t get Apache mod_rewrite to work the way I want it so far. I also haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do with the research website; there’s no point in keeping both, of course.

I did use Apache mod_rewrite for one thing, though: http://www.concutest.org/blog maps to A Concurrent Affair [4] again, the blog you’re reading. The main URL, however, remains to be http://www.concurrentaffair.org [4] since the blog is run on my private webspace. Again, the rewriting isn’t perfect yet.

I have also applied for a SourceForge project (aptly named “concutest”), but I think it will be a while before everything will be available there.

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