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Thesis Progress

Currently 200 pages, 182 pages of content (excluding tables of contents and bibliography), 41,453 words.

What is... the Thesis? Loaned from Piled Higher and Deeper. Please visit www.phdcomics.com [1]

The most recent draft is available here: A Framework for Testing Concurrent Programs [2].

Still to do:

Growth of the thesis (overall, including front matter and bibliography):

I can’t go further back in history because before 03/12, I had all sections stuffed with “Lorem Ipsup” [3] pseudo-text to simulate the layout.

Since I only have one graph in my thesis, here’s another one: blue is the total number of pages, pink are the pages written per day, and yellow is the average number of pages written per day.

Pages per Day

PS: The image is borrowed from “Piled Higher and Deeper” (www.phdcomics.com [4]). The 3rd book is about to be released — go and pre-order [5]!

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