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Independence Day

Happy July 4th, everyone, whatever that means. Somehow, contrary to my previous plans, I again ended up at home, alone, by myself. But I really don’t mind. This way, I can listen to my music (for grilling typically some kind of classic rock, like “The Who” or “The Rolling Stones”), eat my food (burgers and a NY strip today), drink my beeer (Becks for sentimental reasons) and just really relax. And I can have my notebook out on my balcony with the food and the beer and the music without feeling bad about it.

But this way, I can also digitize Bill’s comments on my thesis and see if I can even read them all. But now it’s food time.

And after that, I’m going to do the most patriotic German-American thing possible on Independence Day: watch “Independence Day” ;)

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