A Repeating Pattern of Hate: SourceForge

I’m hating SourceForge again, and this is a very frequent thing.

This time, I’m hating it for two reasons:

  1. News submission is broken. I made a new DrJava development release, drjava-20091021-r5004, but I can’t post a news release, because the submission website just goes nowhere. I filed a ticket, but as usual, SourceForge just closes it. How about keeping it open until you fix it?
  2. The task manager is gone. Just gone! Apparently there’s a replacement, but I can’t find it, and it’s not documented anywhere. (@ Update: Apparently, because TaskFreak is a hosted app, it’s not documented in the same place, but here. @)

I realize SourceForge is providing a free service to us, but do you have to make it such a huge pain? I honestly don’t care about how nice and glossy the website looks, I want to be able to use it.


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