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Mint Matrix Market Reader for Sparse Matrix Multiply Benchmark

I added a Matrix Market file [1] reader for the MatrixMultiplySparse benchmark and used the 183-by-138 matrix [2] we had picked out.

The reader seems to work, and if I set the heap size to 1.3 GB, then the compiler almost gets through, but it then blows up in Code.checkLimits. I believe the we are hitting the code size limit of 64 kb per method [3]:

The amount of code per non-native, non-abstract method is limited to 65536 bytes by the sizes of the indices in the exception_table of the Code attribute (§4.7.3), in the LineNumberTable attribute (§4.7.8), and in the LocalVariableTable attribute (§4.7.9).

I’m going to try smaller matrices.

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