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Sometimes I Love Myself

Sometimes I have those moments when something small that I did brings me tremendous joy.

This just happened when I was using DrJava [1] with Soot [2]. I don’t know the Soot framework, so the “Additional Javadoc URLs” [3] feature that I introduced some time in 2009 comes in really handy.

I just entered “http://www.sable.mcgill.ca/soot/doc [4]” as URL, and now I have auto-completion for class names and the Javadocs available at the touch of a button! Nothing too fantastic, but remarkable for DrJava nonetheless.

PS: Hopefully my IT hell [5] will get a little less hellish tomorrow. We’ve been thinking about adding a PCI card to my desktop (finland.cs) at work, only to discover that this Dell i7 computer doesn’t have PCI, only PCI Express. But there is a solution: The old finland.cs, now our Hudson [6] server called denmark.cs, has a PCI Express x16 card that we had running with dual heads. denmark.cs doesn’t need dual head capability now; in fact, it mostly runs headless anyway. So we’ll swap the graphics cards in denmark.cs and finland.cs and hope I’ll have two working monitors again.

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