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My Favorite New Bash Command Line

A while ago I found an article entitled Top Ten One-Liners from CommandLineFu Explained [1], and I liked the example to quickly create backup files. Well, today I had some kind of Perforce problem after I renamed a couple of files, and I couldn’t submit the changelist, but I also wasn’t allowed to resolve anything.

So I decided to use my new CommandLineFu to make a backup, revert, checkout and copy the backup back over. It was amazingly simple:

cp FindReachableMethods.java{,.save}
p4 revert FindReachableMethods.java
p4 edit FindReachableMethods.java
mv FindReachableMethods.java{.save,}

Line 1 copies FindReachableMethods.java to FindReachableMethods.java.save. The {,.save} part expands to two arguments, the first one being just the preceding file name, the second the preceding file name with .save attached. In line 4, I move the files, but in the opposite direction.

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