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New DrJava Beta Release: drjava-beta-20100711-r5314

We have just released our third beta version in preparation for the next stable release: drjava-beta-20100711-r5314 [1]. You can download it from SourceForge [1] or from the DrJava [2] homepage.

Available for download at http://drjava.org [2] .

DrJava is a lightweight programming environment for Java designed to
foster test-driven software development. It includes an intelligent
program editor, an interactions pane for evaluating program text, a
source level debugger, and a unit testing tool.

In addition to bug fixes in anticipation of the next stable release,
this beta release includes a number of new features introduced after
the last beta release:

These features include a simplified Java language level facility,
the ability to generate a custom DrJava .jar file that contains
additional libraries, and the ability to abort a “Find All” search
that encounters missing files.

Note: Java 1.4 compatibility has been dropped. To use DrJava, you will
need Java 5 or newer.

New features since the last beta release:

Bug fixes since last beta release:

New features since the last stable release:

Bug fixes since the last stable release:

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