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New Mint Release: r15665

I just created a new release of Mint [1] and DrJava with Mint [2]: July 28, 2010 (r15665). It’s been over a year since we made the first version of Mint available! The latest release is, as always, available from the Mint implementation [3] page:

Nothing really changed in the Mint language or in the way Mint is implemented; however, we moved our modified javac compiler into subpackages of the edu.rice.cs.mint.comp package, which means that the compiler is now invoked using the edu.rice.cs.mint.comp.com.sun.tools.javac.Main class.

The package and class names got a bit long, but by not using the same class names as Sun/Oracle, we can use our compiler together with other compilers or the original compiler if we want to, and there won’t be any class name clashes.

(Re-posted from The Java Mint Blog [7].)

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