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DrJava Is Virus-Free

Today, Ian Barland informed me that someone on the AP-CS mailing list believed he found a virus in DrJava. Let me reassure you, if you download from drjava.org [1] or SourceForge [2], our software is virus-free. We build on Linux or Mac systems and only test on Windows, which makes a virus infection even less likely.

Our software has also been independently certified as clean by hosting
providers such as DowloadRoute [3], DoDownload [4],
GearDownload [5],
and DownloadAtlas [6]. We even got this clunky award images:

DrJava is Certified by DownloadRoute.com [7]
DrJava download test: PASSED [7]
DrJava download [8]

Safe DrJava file [9]

DrJava is clean! [6]
DrJava Editor's Choice [6]
DrJava 20100913-r5387 is 100% clean [5]

I also just commissioned an online virus scan of the latest DrJava development release, drjava-20110205-r5425, using VirusTotal, a free service that uses over 30 different anti-malware products, and our software came out clean. Here are the reports for the exe [10] file (exe file directly downloaded from SourceForge [11]), the jar [12] file (jar file directly downloaded from SourceForge [13]), and the Mac application [14] (Mac application directly downloaded from SourceForge [15]).

Not that I ever had a doubt, but DrJava is virus-free.

I would be interested in seeing more information about this virus
infection report, like what virus scanner was used, what virus was
reported, and where the user downloaded the file.

I’m glad Ian brought this to our attention. We need to take even a false positive seriously.

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