Lost My Phone

I lost my phone on the bus this morning. I stepped off the bus, went into a store, realized my phone wasn’t in my pocket, turned around and saw the bus drive away. Shoot.

I immediately changed my Google password, then upgraded my Lookout for Android to Premium so I could remotely lock my phone. I then began to track the phone and called the Seattle Metro. I could tell the customer service representative exactly where the bus with my phone was, but the representative said there was nothing he could do. I should try to catch the same bus when it comes back, or call them again tomorrow at 10:30 AM to contact Lost and Found. I tried to watch the bus, but I missed it, and I was at work, and that was more important.

Once, when I called my phone from my office phone, someone somehow picked up. I heard a women’s voice say “Oh-oh. Did you find that phone earlier?” Then there was a man’s voice saying “I can’t answer the call. It’s against the rules.”

Now, unfortunately, the phone’s battery is empty, and I can’t track it anymore. I don’t have a choice but to hope the bus driver found it and will take it to Lost and Found in the morning. The thing about it “being against the rules” makes me hopeful. I hope I had “Glueck im Unglueck” — that I got lucky in this misfortune.


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