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Happy New Year (?)

Happy new year!

I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve also been busy. You know the story. I’ve done some traveling in private matters, but mostly it was large scale designs and some important improvements for work. I took every Monday off in December, and I still think that was a genial idea. Now it’s back to work without time off. It’s a marathon of sprints [1].

This year has not started so well for me, though. The girl I had been dating says she “needs some time.” I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if I am single or still in a relationship. Not that that really matters, I don’t have the nerve to meet anyone new right now anyway. I’ll just bury myself in work as a distraction.

On January 4, a woman drove her car into mine when she tried to squeeze into the left turn lane as I was stopped at a red light. So unnecessary. The damage isn’t bad, but it’s annoying. My car wasn’t even a year old. And now I have to deal with insurance and repairs. The hours wasted are what annoy me the most.

And yesterday I missed my bus because I ripped my shoelace when I put on my left boot. Argh.

Makes me kind of worry about Friday, January 13.

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