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Hikes of Early 2015

The first hike was the 3.8 mile Poo Poo Point Chirico Trail [1], with 1760 ft of gain. This was also the first new trail for me since the end of 2013.

On the way up Tiger Mountain. [2]

On the way up Tiger Mountain.

The other hike was another visit to Annette Lake [3], with 1400 ft gain over the 7.5 miles round-trip.

Fog over Humpback Creek. [4]

Fog over Humpback Creek.

Peaks above Annette Lake. [5]

Peaks above Annette Lake.

I’m thrilled that I’ve been on two hikes already, and it’s still February. They weren’t hard, long hikes, but I was outside for a few hours on the trail. This is after sometimes last year I couldn’t really walk at all without being in pain. There’s a wonderful person who’s dragging me outside.

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