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Domain Housekeeping

I’m in the process of doing some housekeeping with my domains. In particular, I will drop the domains concutest.org and superscalar.org, among a few other, less frequently used domains.

superscalar.org used to point to my old personal homepage, but since I hadn’t updated it in a while, I just pointed pointed it to my professional homepage, which had been available at www.ricken.us [1] for years already. superscalar.org will go away, www.ricken.us [1] will stay.

The story for concutest.org is a little more complex. It is the domain for my research project Concutest [2], but also had a subdomain mint.concutest.org for the Mint multi-stage Java research project [3] I was a part of. There was also blog.concutest.org, which was a synonym for this blog at www.concurrentaffair.org [4]; community.concutest.org, which was part of a community effort to identify concurrency invariants of the Java API, which I ended some time in 2016; and drjava.concutest.org, which hosted an internal DrJava [5] blog, also taken offline in 2016.

I have create two subdomains for Concutest and Mint:

These subdomains are already active. I hope this will not cause too much inconvenience.

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