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My Erdős Number

I listened to Moshe Vardi’s World Logic Day [1] talk “From Aristotle to the iPhone” [2] (recording to be released later). The chain of influences was quite illuminating.

That made me think of how I fit into the world of mathematics. I know I had calculated my Erdős number at one point, but I couldn’t find it anymore. I myself haven’t authored any mathematics papers, of course, but there are computer scientists who bridge that gap.

So I used a list of Erdős collaborators [3], which I confirmed using the MathSciNet tool [4]. Then I used a similar tool for computer scientists from csauthors.net [5].

It turns out my Erdős numbers is at most 4 (I didn’t check all of Erdős’ collaborators, so it could be lower, although I find that unlikely).

Here’s the collaboration chain:

4. Mathias Ricken [6] co-authored Vivek Sarkar [7] co-authored Nimrod Megiddo [8] co-authored Miklós Ajtai [9] co-authored 1 paper [10] with
0. Paul Erdős [11]

Small, small world.


Turns out I didn’t have to do any of this search manually. My author page on csauthors.net [6] already states:

Collaborative distances:

Dijkstra number of four.
Erdős number of four.

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