Good Morning

Ok, I guess that was my sleep tonight.

I discovered that instrumenting rt.jar for thread checking is actually blowing the default-sized heap, so I quickly wrote a SoftHashMap that uses SoftReferences the garbage collector is free to evict.

I also did some analysis on the caching of class and method annotations:

ThreadChecker Cache Info:
Class cache 85499/13225, method cache 24748/111845 (hits/misses)

That means it definitely works, there’s no error. It works very well for classes (86%), probably because it is looking for the same classes very often (Object, d’uh), but it’s working pretty badly for methods (18%).

I don’t know off hand how I can improve the latter. I could perhaps scan all methods when I have a class file open. I think I’ll look at my second suggestion, temporary directories, first, though.


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