The Many Faces of DrScheme

I just received an email from Matthias Felleisen, now a professor at Northeastern University and formerly a professor at Rice. In fact, he was and still is the original Matthias at the CS department at Rice, while I’m only “the other Mathias”. Corky still mentions him very often in his lectures, and whenever I’m sitting in, the students’ heads turn towards me, forcing me to say “not me, Matthias Felleisen”.

Somehow Matthias has already found out about my new Concutest logo, even though it was posted only a few hours ago. He sent me a link that showed the history of DrScheme logos: The Many Faces of DrScheme. Thanks! I particularly like the one with the worm.

I was a little shocked when I received Matthias’ email, because it means someone is actually reading this blog, even though it was created mostly so I can remember all my failures and the excuses I came up with to explain them away ;-) That, and to remember why I had tried something, what actually worked, and what I still need to do, of course.

Anyway, I want to extend a warm welcome to those who are reading my blog. If you ever feel like making a comment or pointing out one of my mistakes, please let me know. I’ll be happy to provide you with an account so you can write comments or contribute in other ways.

I wish you a wonderful Sunday night and a good start into the new week.


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