Partial Implementation

During the night I looked after a person who I care about a lot who seemed to have suffered from a strange drug interaction of nose spray and inhaler. He said he felt like he wasn’t himself, he felt slow, and I was really worried. I spent probably an hour and a half Googling the different medications, trying to find some interaction. My guess is that there just was a weird interaction between a vasodilator and a vasoconstrictor (@A friend in medical school confirmed this to a degree: If the nose spray actually makes it into the lungs, it could constrict blood vessels there and make an asthma attack worse.@). There was one disturbing comment about the nose spray causing severe CNS depression in children, so even when he seemed to be sleeping, I just wanted to be safe and woke him up a couple of times.

I’ve implemented most of what seems like the import code for XML concurrency definitions. I’ve also written a tool that checks the validity of the XML files, and I’ve enhanced my unit test suite for XMLConfig. I haven’t actually tested whether XML concurrency definitions get instrumented as checks, and I’m too sleepy for now. I actually feel loopy. I should probably take my cough medicine and go to bed.


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