Fortune Cookie

My girlfriend just got delicious Chinese take-out food for us, and after dinner, I read my fortune cookie. It said:

Failure is feedback. And feedback is the breakfast of champions.

I never considered myself a breakfast person, so either I’m wrong about that or I don’t fail that often. Coincidentally, though, failure really is the only feedback in concurrent testing right now. If something goes wrong, you know there’s an error. If a concurrent unit test passes, you don’t know very much.

Before dinner, I’ve been fixing a few bugs that were left in yesterday’s implementation of passing method arguments. One bug was particularly confusing, and I stared at disassembled Java code for about an hour. I finally realized that I was using a HashMap to store the parameter types, and the order of the keys isn’t fixed, so I was getting randomized method signatures.

Now I’m tinkering with @Combine-style annotations and passing method arguments.


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