Performance Improvement and Feature Request Done

After finishing the separation of the maximum heap size argument from the JVM arguments, I implemented the code to detect out of memory situations in the master and slave JVM. If one of the JVMs runs out of memory, a dialog is displayed that suggests that the user increases the respective maximum heap size. This finishes up feature request [ 1908470 ] Separate Memory Preferences, Better Out of Memory Errors.

I then optimized the creation of the “Auto-Complete” list. It is no longer necessary to create wrappers around JavaAPIListEntry instances because both that class and GotoFileListEntry now share a common superclass. Toggling the “Java API” switch is a lot faster and uses less memory now. Even with “Scan Class Files After Every Compile”, which allows auto-completion of inner classes, the function is fast, at least on local drives.

I also changed three keyboard shortcuts. I added “Shift-Mask-O” for “Open Folder”, and I changed “Revert to Saved” from “Mask-R” to “Shift-Mask-R” because I accidentally hit “Mask-R” and lost a whole lot of changes. I also changed the “Are you sure?” dialog for “Revert” to have “No” as default selection. “Mask-R” is now “Rename”.

I also moved all the “Save Window Position” and “Reset Window Position” into their own pane, “Window Positions” under “Display”. The “Display” pane in the “Preferences” was getting a bit cluttered.


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