New External Process Properties

I just finished adding a bunch of new properties for external processes:

  • ${gt;op1="5";op2="7"} — greater than
  • ${lt;op1="5";op2="7"} — less than
  • ${gte;op1="5";op2="7"} — greater than or equal
  • ${lte;op1="5";op2="7"} — less than or equal
  • ${eq;op1="5";op2="7"} — equal
  • ${add;op1="5";op2="7"} — addition
  • ${sub;op1="5";op2="7"} — subtraction
  • ${mul;op1="5";op2="7"} — multiplication
  • ${div;op1="5";op2="7"} — division
  • ${strlen;op="abcde"} — string length
  • ${count;op="abc;def;ghi";sep=";"} — count items in list string

I also moved a lot of the code out of; that file is already big enough.

PS: I’m tremendously upset that Rice started the graduation fireworks early, and I missed the presidential reception. That’s what I get for working at 10 PM the night before graduation :(


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