Two-Thousand Nine

Okay, I have neglected my blog for about two months now, and I have received complaints about it, so I will try to make up for that with a summary: I’ve been spending my time mostly on three different subjects: COMP 402, DrJava and Concutest.

The month of January was pretty thoroughly in the hands of COMP 402. In the past, the class called “Production Programming” was numbered COMP 312, and it was traditionally taught by my advisor, Corky, but this semester I am teaching it. I hope I’m doing an adequate job.

During the first four weeks, we discussed concurrency issues, SourceForge, Ant and Subversion, and we have also played around with some dynamic analysis tools, namely Clover for code coverage and YourKit as profiler. After the lecture phase was over, we started working in pairs in the lab, first writing some more unit tests, and then began finishing off the tasks on the lists I had prepared.

By now, we have finished the following tasks:

  1. Test-Run Hourglass Freeze (Bug 2221819)
  2. Focus Jumps to Interactions Pane (Bug 2153310)
  3. Turn on “Hour Glass” When Indenting Code (Bug 687674)
  4. displays internal representation of command-line args (2117750)
  5. Empty java files cause junit test error
  6. Debugging twice throws a DeadlockException (Bug 2106569)
  7. Javadoc deletes directories (Bug 2498253)
  8. Project Main Document Heuristics should not be hard-coded
  9. Menu Item and Customizable Shortcut for Ctrl-D End of Stream
  10. Imports should persist over breakpoints (Feature 1418853)
  11. Allow “end of file” in input (Feature 1470491)

We are still working on these tasks:

  1. Project Main Document Heuristics should not be hard-coded
  2. Default Imports for Interactions Pane
  3. Change Double-Click Selection and Next/Prev Word

We still have a bunch of tasks on the list. The two most important tasks, though, are:

  1. Network paths
  2. New keyboard shortcut system

In general, most of these tasks don’t introduce big features. I have declared that this semester’s development is all under the name of stability.

Okay, it’s getting late. I think I will continue with the summary tomorrow.


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