DrJava with Mint on Mac “Cosmetically” Closer

Sweet! DrJava with Mint on the Mac just came within reach, or at least as close as it is on the other operating systems. For some reason, when I ran DrJava under Soylatte and X11 earlier, no compilers showed up. I thought there were some more serious problems with running DrJava in that environment, but it was something quite trivial.

In revision 5078, I reverted a “cosmetic change” of x+y to x + y that had been done using a global search-and-replace. Unfortunately, the change was also done inside string constants, and thus regular expressions. And the regular expression \\d+ is not the same as \\d + .

Interestingly, the change doesn’t show up in SourceForge’s diff or my default svn diff (svn diff --diff-cmd diff -x -uw /path/to/file) because it’s whitespace only.

This is an example why I really despise cosmetic changes.


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