Broken Things 2010

So far, it seems like 2010 is a year of broken things.

Mr. Coffee, my coffee maker, broke. I loved the guy, so I immediately replaced him with his younger brother.

The power supply fan in my Dell at home is close to dying. It makes a terrible, agonizing rattling sound. I bought a replacement power supply, but haven’t installed it yet. The only reason why it’s been bearable so far is that it has been rather cold on most days, so the fan isn’t running very much.

My Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro at home broke in an interesting way. Some key combinations don’t work anymore, for example Left Ctrl-F. Right Ctrl-F works. I know the Natural Keyboard Pro isn’t the most ergonomic keyboard out there, but I’ve gotten used to it. What do I replace it with? I’m thinking the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, which one of my office mates uses, but I’m not sure I’ll immediately like it.

Oh, and yesterday GMail ate my draft.

At least no broken bones so far. Maybe I shouldn’t complain.


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