Another Eclipse Compiler Bug

I got compiling in DrJava using the Eclipse compiler to work last night, except that the errors never provided a source location. I thought this was because I hadn’t set the source path in the file manager, but it turned out that is not the issue. There is another bug in the Eclipse compiler: The developers use a file name in a place where a class name is expected, and because of that, the look-up of the source location always fails.

I filed a bug report for it: Bug 308256 – DiagnosticListener always supplies Diagnostic.getSource()==null

Build Identifier: ecj-3.6M6.jar

When compiling with a DiagnosticListener and encountering an error, the
provided Diagnostic always returns null for the getSource()

This is because originatingFileName is being passed to
JavaFileManager.getJavaFileForInput, even though the method expects a class
name. For example, “/home/username/temp/” is being passed as a class
name, not “Foo”.

public JavaFileObject getSource() {
try {
if (EclipseCompilerImpl.this.fileManager.hasLocation(StandardLocation.SOURCE_PATH)) {
return EclipseCompilerImpl.this.fileManager.getJavaFileForInput(
new String(originatingFileName),
} catch (IOException e) {
// ignore
return null;

Instead of using getJavaFileForInput, which expects a class name, you could use
getJavaFileObjects, which works for a file name.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Just compile code using a DiagnosticListener
2. Encounter an error in a Java file.
3. Look at the return value of Diagnostic.getSource(), it is always null.

Now I don’t quite know what to do. Should I fix this bug locally and use a modified version of the Eclipse compiler in DrJava, until this bug gets fixed by the Eclipse people?


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