Back in Houston for a Bit

I’m back in Houston for five days again. I was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again, but that turned out to be less comfortable than I expected: My air conditioning unit had broken again, and it 31 C (88 F) inside. Fortunately, the maintenance people didn’t just put in more coolant like they’d already done twice this year, and several times in the years past. Instead, they installed a new air conditioning unit. Why not sooner?! Now it’s cool again, but this new unit is really loud. I’ve got to check if there is a way to calm it down a bit, but not right now. I don’t have the time.

Probably because of the heat, my main desktop PC at home also broke. The power supply had been dying for about half a year now, so this was expected. I installed the replacement power supply that I had bought a while ago, but what I didn’t realize was that I had to remove the CPU cooler to get some of the cables out. I was worried that the thermal grease wouldn’t be good enough anymore once I put the cooler back on, but after careful tests, that worry seems to have been unfounded. The core temperatures of my Core 2 Duo don’t go above 48 C under load.

I have met with the Habanero group to discuss integrating Habanero Java into DrJava. I have met with my Mint buddies to talk about the upcoming PLDI 2010 talk on multi-stage programming. I still have to investigate an apparent memory leak in DrJava, something that had occurred before too, and make a new stable release.

I also have to renew my Texas drivers license… again. I haven’t had the time yet, so I’m driving with my international license right now.

On Saturday it’s off to Toronto. A bit hectic, eh?


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