24 Hour Fitness “Personal Fitness Consultation”

I signed up for a membership at 24 Hour Fitness. The free neighborhood pools in Houston are closed now that the summer is over, and I wanted to continue being able to swim. Two of the gyms nearby have swimming pools, and when I found out they also had a sauna, I just had to try it out.

Today was my free “personal fitness consultation”. I expected to be shown around in the gym, maybe to have a few of the machines demonstrated to me, depending on my fitness goals (which really are just to have fun and stay active and healthy). Nope, it was a high pressure sales pitch to buy personal training.

According to my consultant, there are five components to being healthy:

  1. Nutrition, and I eat healthy
  2. Cardio, which I already do
  3. Strength, which I don’t really do, so he wanted to focus on that

So far, so good. The last two where the kicker, though:

  1. Instruction, which I could pay for… from him, right here and right now!
  2. Supplements, which I could also buy… right here and right now!

I’m sure I could learn a lot, but I just don’t believe that I can’t be healthy without his instructions and supplements. I dove in the swimming pool instead.


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