AdBlock Plus and Gmail, And Other Issues

I’m experiencing an AdBlock Plus problem in Gmail. At least now I’m sure it’s not a more severe display problem, because I’ve just witnessed it on a second machine. Both are Macs, though.

AdBlock Plus Problem in Gmail

AdBlock Plus Problem in Gmail

The columns for some emails are messed up. The :: and the checkbox on the very left of the marked row are missing, the title goes in the column where the star normally is, and that column is too narrow, of course.

Has someone else seen this? I don’t know AdBlock Plus well enough anymore to figure this out myself, so I just reported the issue. Let’s hope this gets fixed soon.

In other news, Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard is nice, but they still didn’t fix the problem of Java GUI programs, particularly when run in a JUnit suite, stealing the focus. Setting up Spaces does not help, which is very lame. I had to set up a second user account again and then do the Fast User Switching.

Also annoying is the fact that MacPorts doesn’t seem to have some of the programs I got used to in Fink, but Fink doesn’t have binaries for Snow Leopard yet… And dedicated keys to control keyboard illumination brightness? Is that really necessary?


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