Is iConcept Press Legitimate? A Review

I received a review invitation for an article to be published in one of iConcept Press‘s journals today. I already wrote about iConcept Press earlier, when I wondered whether it was a vanity press. Considering the cost of publishing there, I still think it is a vanity press, but I’m willing to put up the effort of submitting a review to learn more.

I won’t submit a bad review if the paper turns out to be good, or even acceptably mediocre. I will perform an accurate review. Of course, that means we still may not find out whether iConcept Press is a vanity press or not.

I also won’t publicly disclose the authors or parts of the paper I am reviewing. I can tell you already, though, that the review is not double-blind. I know who the authors are. I wonder if or when they will find out that I reviewed the paper.

Happy new year!


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