New DrJava Development Release: drjava-20110205-r5425

We have made a new development release available: drjava-20110205-r5425. You can download it from the DrJava website or from SourceForge.

Available for download at .

DrJava is a lightweight programming environment for Java designed to foster test-driven software development. It includes an intelligent program editor, an interactions pane for evaluating program text, a source level debugger, and a unit testing tool.

In addition to bug fixes, this development release includes a number of new features introduced after the last stable release:

The language level facility has been changed to consist of two language levels, Functional Java (corresponding to the old Intermediate level) and Full Java. The old files can still be compiled, but DrJava will ask if it should rename .dj0 and .dj1 to .dj and .dj2 files to .java.

DrJava’s compiler support has been improved, and DrJava now supports compiling files with file extensions other than .java, .dj, .dj0, .dj1, and .dj2. This includes support for Habanero Java .hj files, provided the Habanero Java compiler is installed.

DrJava preferences like indent level can now be stored on a per- project basis (see “Project Properties”, “Advanced”).

Note: Java 1.4 compatibility has been dropped. To use DrJava, you will
need Java 5 or newer.

New features since the last stable release:

  • refactored language levels
  • improved compiler support, including support for Habanero Java
  • The contents of the Compiler Errors pane can now be copied the clipboard.
  • DrJava preferences like indent level can now be stored on a per-project basis (see “Project Properties”, “Advanced”).

Bug fixes since last stable release:

  • Applet viewer not started in event thread anymore to avoid exception
  • Static type checking for primitive casts in Interactions pane

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Software development engineer. Principal developer of DrJava. Recent Ph.D. graduate from the Department of Computer Science at Rice University.
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