Firewall and Port Forwarding on a Netgear DGND3300v2?

My apt building was struck by lightning Monday afternoon, and that fried half the building, apparently. Power was off for a day, the elevator is broken, and it killed my DSL modem and an ethernet card, even though both were behind surge protectors and UPSes. I just got a DGND3300v2 DSL modem/router to replace the dead 2Wire HomePortal 2700, and I’m setting up my firewall.

Do I have to enter the IP address of the computer in the LAN manually? I use DHCP and the IP can change. The HomePortal allowed me to assign firewall rules to a MAC. The same problem occurs with port forwarding.

Is that not possible with the DGND3300v2?

PS: The lack of gigabit ethernet on a product of this price is a sore disappointment, too.


IP addresses can be reserved for MACs under router login > LAN setup> address reservation.

Update 2

Except in the latest firmware, V2.1.00.48_1.00.48NA, you can’t. Address reservation doesn’t work because of a Netgear bug *sigh*


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