Awful King County Metro Changes Coming Up

I just found out that King County Metro is planning to cut off service for Route 27 at 12th Avenue at non-peak times. This is awful.

Route 27 is the only bus that takes me directly to my office. It already takes me 40 to 45 minutes with that bus; in fact, I can walk faster, which I do when the weather is nice. Coming back from work on the 27, or any bus for that matter, is already bad enough with the current service running outside of peak times. I would have hoped that service improves instead of being cut. I guess buses are really more intended for the homeless, who don’t care where the route ends, and not for people who aren’t going home from work at 6 PM yet, when peak time ends.

If these changes go into effect, I guess I’ll just drive every day. That means I’ll have to pay for parking, but I’m not going to change buses and spend two hours every day commuting in the company of the drunk, drugged, and unwashed when I can drive to work in under 15 minutes.


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