Summer Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve written here last. I’ve gone to Finland, I’ve come back. And there have been some pretty dramatic changes in my life (not all to be detailed here and now).

Normally, this would be the peak season for hiking for me. Unfortunately, my knee injury has got worse, and I’m doing physical therapy. Walking still sometimes hurts, so hiking is out of the question right now. I can’t do cardio exercise very well without making my knee worse, which is a difficult situation for me to be in. I’ve started going to the gym, though, to do some circuit training and weights, interspersed with my physical therapy exercises, and that feels good.

I also recently acquired a standing desk at work. It was the positive outcome, I suppose, of a lot of personnel changes. I’ve only had it for two days, but I think I like it. I’ve wanted one for a while. I stood just two hours the first day, and four hours the second. It’s adjustable, so there’s really no downside, but I want to increase the amount of standing over time.

Standing desk at work.

Standing desk at work.

The cables are a horrible mess right now. I have to buy something for cable management and attach a power strip to the bottom of the desk.


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