Samsung Galaxy S4 “SIM Card Removed” Problem

I still have a Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s old and slow, the (second) battery is bad, and the magnetometer is probably completely broken, but at least it doesn’t explode. And it’s paid off.

For the last few months, however, I’ve had the problem that the Galaxy S4 “forgets” that it has a SIM card inserted, necessitating a reboot. This got so bad that it only lasted a few minutes between reboots. Heat and movement seemed to make it worse.

I tried something similar to what was suggested in this blog post: i wedged a folded up sticky note between the phone, just above the battery, and the back. My case holds it nicely in place.

I don’t want to jinx it, but in the last five days, my phone hasn’t crashed. After fixing the USB connector, yet another win over planned obsolescence!


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