We Climbed Mount Rainier

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, our friend Vicki, Jenny, and I summited Mount Rainier, the tallest mountain in Washington state. Mount Rainier is the most prominent mountain in the contiguous US (only Denali in Alaska and Mauna Kea on Hawaii are more prominent), and also the most glaciated mountain in the lower 48.

This has been Jenny’s and my main project for the last four months, or so, and took hours, days, and weeks of organizing, conditioning, and planning. We went to Glacier Basin and Camp Schurman in preparation for it, we climbed Silver Star Mountain and The Fin to get used to double-header weekends, and we summited Colchuck Peak to get used to steep glaciers. I hadn’t written about any of this, because I wasn’t sure that we would reach our goal of scaling Mount Rainier.

But now we have reached Mount Rainier’s summit, at 14,411 feet. Now I’ll start to slowly post more reports and pictures about the last few months.

Ascending Mount Rainier, at about 13,000 feet:

In the crater of Mount Rainier, at 14,000 feet:

On the Columbia Crest, the summit of Mount Rainier:

On the summit of Mount Rainier.

On the summit of Mount Rainier.


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