Down the Rabbit Hole

I’m totally going down the rabbit hole this morning…

  • I need to test an rpm package.
  • The host in the cloud can’t access the QA yum repository.
  • So I download the package to my work laptop, copy it to the cloud host, and try to install it locally.
  • Of course, it has dependencies
  • I try to download the dependencies too and copy them over to the cloud.
  • It looks like there is a cyclic dependency.
  • Screw rpm -i, let’s try to get yum to work so it can get the dependencies for me.
  • I should set up a local mirror of the QA yum repository.
  • I try to use wget to mirror the QA yum repo.
  • wget fails because some library doesn’t work.
  • I try to uninstall wget, but it fails because of permissions.
  • I fix the permissions and uninstall wgett.
  • I tell it to re-install wget, but now it needs to update Homebrew.
  • Now it’s running make.

40 minutes later, and it’s still building.

Then I try to blog about it, but this WordPress blog can’t connect to its database. Apparently, 1&1 has silently changed the database hostname. Thanks!

At least that is (obviously) fixed now.


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