New PC…

So… Despite AMD price cuts looming on the horizon, I’ve just placed an order for the PC described earlier. The allergic reactions to my current computer being so slow just became too hard to handle. The $858.32 I spent will be sorely missed, but I hope everything will get better with the new computer. Just switching between programs took seconds, scrolling wasn’t smooth anymore, and often I could type faster than the computer would display the characters.

I really don’t know why that is. It seems like the performance of my PC has deteriorated a lot just over the last few weeks. I’m sure it’s not a virus, and my Windows installation is relatively new — only a year old. The only factors of change, as far as I can see, are IDEA and the size of my projects.

My productivity has definitely suffered under the speed and stability problems. With large projects, I more and more rely on fast searches and auto-completion to maintain a clear picture of what is going on, and that just wasn’t possible anymore.

I hope the new PC is ready for pick-up before the end of the week so I can install everything over the weekend and get working again. Until then… I’ll try to do the best I can :-S


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