New PC… (2)

I noticed again how out of touch with the hardware world I have become over the last five years. In my order, I had picked a motherboard with four memory slots and decided to fill each with a 512MB module. I don’t anticipate needing more than 2GB, at least not if this computer will last anywhere near as long as my current one.

An acquaintance online was shocked I had done that. Didn’t I know the integrated memory controller only supports six banks (or three double-sided modules) at full speed? No, I didn’t. Having my DDR 400-priced memory run at DDR 333 speed seems a bit wasteful, so I had to upgrade to two 1GB modules and drop another $50.

I’m thankful for the advice, though, even though it’s conceivable I never would have noticed that my RAM isn’t running at full speed. I just don’t tinker with my hardware enough anymore. I just don’t have time, and I despise the people that do.


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