The crazy times just don’t seem to end. When I biked home from school last Wednesday, I got hit by a car. I guess I was lucky nonetheless: No fractures. I went to the hospital twice, had x-rays done twice, got two different pain killers and two different muscle relaxers. I had contusions on my hip and shoulder; they’re ok now. Now I still have pain in my lower back — pain that unfortunately is quite distracting when I’m sitting — and the medication I have now doesn’t seem to be able to mask it. I hope I don’t have a problem with my disks (the ones in my spine, nerd). Needless to say, I spent most of the last days horizontally and away from my computer.

My bike is still getting fixed. That may take two weeks, so I probably won’t go to campus as often as I would like. I’m still determined to be there tomorrow. I miss my students.


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