Trying to Categorize

I’m way behind on my schedule, originally I was supposed to have my data sets and poster done today already, but I am making progress. I’m trying to categorize all these thread checker violations, to lump them together somehow.

So here is some raw data. When running the unit tests for DrJava, branched off revision 3993, there are 3796 occurrences of thread violations. Of these, only 1115 are unique, as determined by the complete stack trace and violation criteria. When looking at just the offending lines, the top of the stack traces, then there are only 78 places left. That’s quite a reduction.

The revision of DrJava that I’m currently working with has 128,827 lines of code. I have selected a few other revisions of DrJava, basically one every six months, starting in January 2004, but I’m not even sure I can build some of these really old releases. It may also make more sense to stick to versions that we actually released, either as beta or stable.

Besides working on the thread checker, I’ve also improved the grading script and instructions for COMP 311, the course I’m TAing this semester for the last time. It was always a bit tricky to see who was working with whom, who had not submitted yet, and who had used exactly how many slip days, so all of that is automated now, too. I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours now, so I think it’s time for a beer, a shower, and a quick nap.


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