You Know You’re Getting Old…

You know you’re getting old when your minor injuries don’t go away anymore before you acquire new ones. My shoulder rotator cuff injury from last November still hurts a bit, not much, but it’s definitely still there. Sometimes, especially now that it’s cold, I even still feel my back hurt, probably still from my accident in 2005. And every once in a while, like now and the last couple of days, I feel a numb spot on my left upper back, sometimes also on my right. My self-diagnosing skills tell me that might be a pinched nerve at C5. Probably also from the accident, or even from birth. I’m gonna go have that checked out some time soon, it’s just difficult to go because it’s not always there.

I turned in all the forms for my Master’s candidacy. Now I just need to write and defend it… haha. I also improved my Concutest-JUnit some more, and now I think it finally does everything I want it to do without rewriting the Java runtime. But I when I applied it to DrJava, I got annoyed by Ant’s JUnit task: It was too verbose. Even when everything was successful, it generated too much output, so it was hard to find the problem. I decided to download Ant’s source and look how I could shut it up. I ended up writing a new "quiet" formatter (based on "brief") for the JUnit task. The modified source and binary distribution, as well as an archive with just the modified source files and a patch file based off Ant revision 503170k, can be downloaded from my personal homepage.

Now I’m going to a superbowl party. I don’t really know what I care less about, the superbowl or that Germany won the handball world cup. But it’s all about the people you’re with, and I’m with my girlfriend, so I’ll have a great time. I’m told I’m rooting for “da bears” ;-)


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