Goodbye, Ken Kennedy

I just found out that Dr. Ken Kennedy, University Professor at Rice University, died today.

Dr. Kennedy was one of the smartest, kindest men I have met, a true genius, and yet a soft-spoken, humble man. I feel blessed to have had a chance to learn from him.

Thank you, Dr. Kennedy, and goodbye. I will miss you.


Here are two nice obituaries for Dr. Kennedy:

Dr. Kennedy’s funeral ceremony will be held Thursday, February 15 at 3 PM at First Presbyterian Church on Main Street. A reception will be held in Martel Hall on the first level of Duncan Hall and should begin about 4:30 PM.

A reception to celebrate the life of Dr. Kennedy is planned for Monday, February 19 at 3 PM in Duncan Hall DH 3092. Please come and share your fond memories of Dr. Kennedy. I wish he could make it, too.


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