Another Small DrJava Bugfix

I committed another small DrJava bugfix, revision 4213, that corrects a problem with breakpoints: They were one off. I studied the recent changes and noticed that the method that was used to calculate the line number for the breakpoint had recently been switched from being 1-based to 0-based. I merely reversed the fix.

I did this fix while I was at the office, before the mandatory COMP 600 seminar on Friday at noon. I really only came to the office for the seminar and a doctor’s appointment at 4 PM. I wrote a little bit on my thesis, but not much, and sent out a few emails about COMP 312, a class in which I’m neither a student nor a TA.

The doctor said I have a viral infection, the chances that it’s bacterial are 1-to-100, even though my feelings and my history tell me it’s bacterial, because I observed a color change this morning. But hopefully the doctor is right: I’m strongly against the overprescription of antibiotics. I know my body pretty well. The doctor said getting guaifenesin as expectorant over-the-counter was a very good idea, and I have to agree, I think it helped. I’m coughing more, but more easily. I also try to keep extremely hydrated, chugging quarts of Gatorade, to thin down the mucus. I just had the feeling that I was coughing something up from extremely deep in my lungs, something that was supported by the return of the pain in my lower right ribs, near the sternum, something that was diagnosed as chostochondritis last fall (actually, that was one of my two choices before I went to see a doctor). Therefore I decided to discontinue taking dextromethorphan, because I didn’t want to suppress my cough. The doctor, however, told me that there’s no evidence that dextromethorphane inhibits the healing process by preventing coughs. So now I’m taking both; I keep them separate so I can dose them in a more targeted approach.

I feel like I’m getting better, but mornings and evenings are still very bad, and I have trouble sleeping. I hope this will be over soon. I’m tired of feeling like the Mississippi delta.


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Software development engineer. Principal developer of DrJava. Recent Ph.D. graduate from the Department of Computer Science at Rice University.
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